All those SHITTY Thoughtless Social Media Posts….. Part Two

Be careful of the “Guru”!

The Health and Fitness hoards on Social Media have more “Gurus” than my dog can shit and let me tell you, my 6kg beastly Pup can shit a lot!

All those posts about “the best way to lose weight, gain muscle and become a superior being” are misleading you into wasting your time, money and efforts.


As Apple rolled out it latest iOS 12, they added a pretty cool feature for tracking your “Screen Time”, this little function gave me the push to do something I had been meaning to do for a long time.  I deleted Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from my iPhone.  I switched off email notifications and suppressed notifications on all the apps that I find myself wasting too much time on.
When I work, I listen to an audiobook, a podcast or music, so I pop in my bluetooth headphones and then I put my phone in another room.  This is a habit I decided to master and as far as habits go, it has been one of the best ones I have implemented into my life.  The time per day I have clawed back is amazing.
I still use Social Media (clearly if you are reading this blog via my Social Media accounts), but in order for me to use these apps, I must open my laptop and log in to them, this is called putting a layer of friction in the way to assist you in bedding down the habit you wish to implement.  In other words, I have used my inherent lazy nature to my own advantage.

Why did I do this?  I found I was getting sucked in and worked up by all the bullshit on Social Media.  All the posts about “not all calories are equal” – say what now?
“To build muscle: eat protein and carbs only, to lose weight eat protein and fat only” – Seriously what the fuck!  And my all time favourite “I stopped eating {insert random food} and lost 20lbs in 4 days” – Yep, I lost 22lbs in 24 hours once……Its called giving birth!

It is very liberating to have time back in my day and it be in the process of creating a habit to eliminate the stress that comes with reading stupid Social Media posts during times in my day that I should be focussed on other tasks.

As for the people posting this crap constantly, please stop!  Just quit it or create a habit cue that has you taking a moment of rational thought before you hit the ‘Share’ button.
By posting this shit you are confusing your audience, you are creating a number of barriers for your followers and that essentially is a hinderance for them to achieve their best….. Or is this what some of these “Guru’s” are trying to do to their followers?  Create enough confusion to keep them coming back for answers?

I spend a lot of time with my clients, answering their questions and untangling their confusion surrounding nutrition, training and mindset.  I would have to say a lot of the time their confusion arises from the bullshit they are reading on Social Media.


Each time you see a post and you think, “I should do that” or “Maybe that is the magic solution to my problem”, STOP, BREATHE & THINK (CRITICALLY THINK).  Then ask someone who actually has knowledge, has your best interests at heart and who will be willing to shoot you a straight answer, even if you don’t want to hear what that straight answer is.

So, be aware of the ‘Guru’, it could save you time, money and effort.

As always, thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts?








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