The answers you’ve been looking for….

As a Nutritionist, Trainer and Healthy Mindset Advocate, I get asked the following questions a lot.

  • What time is best to workout for weight loss/muscle gains?
  • What type of workout is best for weight loss/muscle gains? 
  • What is the best way to eat, Keto, Paleo, High Carbs, Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc?
  • How fast can I expect to see results?

The list could go on and on. When I am asked this types of questions, I can guarantee that they are being driven from a place of desperation and need for a quick fix.

What time is best to workout? Whatever time works best for YOU and your crazy schedule!

What type of workout is best? Whatever type YOU enjoy and can do consistently!

What is the best way to eat? Whatever way works for you, that is balanced and sustainable for you, so long as you are nourishing your body with proper nutrients*.

How fast can I expect to see results?  The depends on the results YOU are expecting.  But your question should be, “can I maintain the result I am hoping for without reverting back to the behaviour pattern that landed me in my current state”?

The only “magic answers” when it comes to fitness and healthy living are BEHAVIOUR (First), EFFORT (Second) and CONSISTENCY (Third).

These are my Three (3) laws for getting and keeping the results you what.  Let’s look at them a bit closer.

  1. BEHAVIOUR:  Where you are now with your health is the sum total of your behaviour up to this point.  If you are over weight, unwell or generally unhealthy, it will be the Behaviours you have performed daily that have landed you where you are.  Your Behaviour is your IDENTITY.  If you identify as a Healthy Person then you will Behave like a Healthy Person.  If you Identify as someone who is ‘Not a Morning Person’ then your will struggle to get up early to hit the gym, the struggle will be your Behaviour.
    The first important step for obtaining the results you desire, is to decide YOUR IDENTITY and behave as that identity would behave.
    My personal identity is, I am fit, healthy, hard working, kind and friendly.  So each day I make sure I embody and live that identity.  I train early mornings daily, I prepare and eat nutritious foods daily, I smile and say hello to whoever I can, I consistently and mindfully put in my best effort in everything I do.  This is how I envision my desired Identity Behaving.
  2. EFFORT: This is the Action part of the equation. Acting out the Efforts daily of the person you want to be.  In the way I describe above how I live my own Identity.  Putting in daily efforts to behave as you should, to be who you want to be, will set you on the right path to become fitter, healthier, stronger and better in your health and fitness journey.  The effort part is the journey and the journey is the part you need to enjoy the most, because this is a part you need to repeat constantly to become the person you desire.  We are what we do the most and enjoy the most.
  3. CONSISTENCY:  Most people fall down at this part of the puzzle.  They go to the gym or for a run for a few weeks and then stop because they are not seeing the results they think should be there.  There is a lag time, the valley of disappointment as I have heard it termed.  This is the time in which you see nothing (of course this depends on whether you are looking for the right signals), you get bored, your motivation dissipates and you stop.  However, if you just consistently continued with the efforts and saw your efforts as your identity you would eventually make it through the valley of disappointment and realise the awesomeness of the other side is worth the daily grind to achieve the desired state.  Much like the stone mason hammering at the piece of rock, it cracks open on the 101 hit, but it was actually the 100 hammer hits prior that made the crack open.

Take care of yourself and your health and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.🖤



*I am not touching on the mindset side of commercialised diet plans in the post, but it is worth stating here that I am increasingly against these diets and what they do for a persons mindset.  Another blog, I promise.

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