The Ethos, My Ethos.

The ethos of this page/blogKK Fit Machines Logo:
You may have heard that diet is 80% and training 20% of the equation when it comes to obtaining the physique you desire. In part this is true, but I like to think that it is more like the following:
70% Nutrition
15% Training
10% Mind-set
5% Genetics


Clearly your diet still plays the biggest role in achieving your desired physique, so of course that’s the part to tackle foremost but the rest of this equation is just as important.
Training of course helps you to shape your body and improve your health and mental wellbeing.
However, I personally feel that mind-set and genetics also can’t be overlooked when giving advice to a client who is looking to change/improve their physical self.
You see, mind-set is not all about “white knuckling” and “harnessing your willpower”, sure there are times where those things are needed, but as the saying goes “the body will not go, where the mind isn’t prepared to take it”.
You are probably thinking; how does genetics play a role? Well there are certain factors that you need to consider when setting a nutrition and training plan of attack and your genetics do play a role in how your body reacts to certain things. Take caffeine for example, my husband is a slow metaboliser of caffeine. Caffeine can be very beneficial for training and focus, but so is sleep! Therefore, if my husband trained in the evening, advising him to use caffeine for a boost prior to training would affect his sleep and in turn affect his ability to properly rest and recover.

This is why (and a number of my clients can attest to this) I like to focus on the whole equation. I like to know the how and why that has got them to their current physical state.
I like to find out how their body reacts to food and nutrition patterns, how they like to train and where their head’s at. The last part especially.

My ethos is to give each client a truly individualised plan of attack for achieving their own prominence!

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