Commercial Diet Plans: What they are doing to your headspace!

99% of you will have heard of Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast etc…..

In fact, I wouldn’t mind betting that a good number of you have been on one or more of these diets at some point in time.

They all work the same from a structural point of view, less calories in and more calories out (creating a calorie deficit), tracking the dieter with scales weekly, in a group/one to one setting for accountability.

There is nothing special about these diets and the success rate is shockingly bad despite the what their marketing says.  These diets (like all diets) are setup to get you a boost of results initially, the idea is to create a reliance on the programme and on the group mentality.  As motivation wanes, the dieter slips back to old patterned behaviours, which has them returning to the programme/group weekly, wondering why they can’t seem to lose the weight.  

This is where the group accountability and group mentality comes in as the dieter is encouraged to keep returning i.e. keep paying for the privilege of being weighed and surrounding themselves with likeminded dieters.
Now this is a kicker “Like Minded Dieters”, are these the type of people who:
a)    Weigh-in on a Friday morning, then go and binge eat Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then proceed to starve themselves Monday through to Friday morning in order to lose 1lb? 
b)    Are they the type of people who lose a 2 lbs one week, nothing for a few weeks and then pile on 5 lbs only to feel down about it, but bring the rest of the group down with them, all the while claiming to be sticking to the programme but not owning their misgivings, but underneath they are really living with the torment of shame about their misgivings and then self sooth with food the anxiety a weekly weigh-in brings.  It’s a vicious cycle, but that is what these commercial diets and the groups associated with them create.

Your headspace is where you live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Now you would not allow someone or a group to enter your house where you live and create havoc in your home once a week?  So why would you allow that havoc into your headspace every week and bloody well pay for it too!

The amount of messed up people I meet on a daily basis from these commercial diet programmes is insane.  We have to spend a long time working through, what is perceived as their “naughty foods”, “free foods” and “limited foods”.  These programmes label foods as “free” – eat all you want and as “syns” – I mean what the hell is that implying…… If you know what the label “Catholic School Girl” means, then you will understand what telling people certain things are sinful, will eventually result in.

On the subject of “free foods”, look at who sponsors these Diet Programmes and you will start to understand why a particular brand of yogurt or pasta snack is considered free or virtually free….. it has nothing to do with healthy choices but everything to do with the brand sponsoring the diet plan.

I hear almost daily “oh isn’t that *insert food* bad for you”?
My clients, friends and family will tell you I have a very unflattering response to that, my face scrunches up, one nostril flares (the left) and a very sarcastic “WHY?” flies out my mouth.  

I really feel strongly that we need to challenge the trend of demonising foods.  We need to challenge the concept of paying to be weighed weekly and especially protect our headspace from these destructive and grossly inaccurate weight-loss programmes.

Thank you for reading.

Kel xo 

The answers you’ve been looking for….

As a Nutritionist, Trainer and Healthy Mindset Advocate, I get asked the following questions a lot.

  • What time is best to workout for weight loss/muscle gains?
  • What type of workout is best for weight loss/muscle gains? 
  • What is the best way to eat, Keto, Paleo, High Carbs, Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc?
  • How fast can I expect to see results?

The list could go on and on. When I am asked this types of questions, I can guarantee that they are being driven from a place of desperation and need for a quick fix.

What time is best to workout? Whatever time works best for YOU and your crazy schedule!

What type of workout is best? Whatever type YOU enjoy and can do consistently!

What is the best way to eat? Whatever way works for you, that is balanced and sustainable for you, so long as you are nourishing your body with proper nutrients*.

How fast can I expect to see results?  The depends on the results YOU are expecting.  But your question should be, “can I maintain the result I am hoping for without reverting back to the behaviour pattern that landed me in my current state”?

The only “magic answers” when it comes to fitness and healthy living are BEHAVIOUR (First), EFFORT (Second) and CONSISTENCY (Third).

These are my Three (3) laws for getting and keeping the results you what.  Let’s look at them a bit closer.

  1. BEHAVIOUR:  Where you are now with your health is the sum total of your behaviour up to this point.  If you are over weight, unwell or generally unhealthy, it will be the Behaviours you have performed daily that have landed you where you are.  Your Behaviour is your IDENTITY.  If you identify as a Healthy Person then you will Behave like a Healthy Person.  If you Identify as someone who is ‘Not a Morning Person’ then your will struggle to get up early to hit the gym, the struggle will be your Behaviour.
    The first important step for obtaining the results you desire, is to decide YOUR IDENTITY and behave as that identity would behave.
    My personal identity is, I am fit, healthy, hard working, kind and friendly.  So each day I make sure I embody and live that identity.  I train early mornings daily, I prepare and eat nutritious foods daily, I smile and say hello to whoever I can, I consistently and mindfully put in my best effort in everything I do.  This is how I envision my desired Identity Behaving.
  2. EFFORT: This is the Action part of the equation. Acting out the Efforts daily of the person you want to be.  In the way I describe above how I live my own Identity.  Putting in daily efforts to behave as you should, to be who you want to be, will set you on the right path to become fitter, healthier, stronger and better in your health and fitness journey.  The effort part is the journey and the journey is the part you need to enjoy the most, because this is a part you need to repeat constantly to become the person you desire.  We are what we do the most and enjoy the most.
  3. CONSISTENCY:  Most people fall down at this part of the puzzle.  They go to the gym or for a run for a few weeks and then stop because they are not seeing the results they think should be there.  There is a lag time, the valley of disappointment as I have heard it termed.  This is the time in which you see nothing (of course this depends on whether you are looking for the right signals), you get bored, your motivation dissipates and you stop.  However, if you just consistently continued with the efforts and saw your efforts as your identity you would eventually make it through the valley of disappointment and realise the awesomeness of the other side is worth the daily grind to achieve the desired state.  Much like the stone mason hammering at the piece of rock, it cracks open on the 101 hit, but it was actually the 100 hammer hits prior that made the crack open.

Take care of yourself and your health and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.🖤



*I am not touching on the mindset side of commercialised diet plans in the post, but it is worth stating here that I am increasingly against these diets and what they do for a persons mindset.  Another blog, I promise.

All those SHITTY Thoughtless Social Media Posts….. Part Two

Be careful of the “Guru”!

The Health and Fitness hoards on Social Media have more “Gurus” than my dog can shit and let me tell you, my 6kg beastly Pup can shit a lot!

All those posts about “the best way to lose weight, gain muscle and become a superior being” are misleading you into wasting your time, money and efforts.


As Apple rolled out it latest iOS 12, they added a pretty cool feature for tracking your “Screen Time”, this little function gave me the push to do something I had been meaning to do for a long time.  I deleted Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from my iPhone.  I switched off email notifications and suppressed notifications on all the apps that I find myself wasting too much time on.
When I work, I listen to an audiobook, a podcast or music, so I pop in my bluetooth headphones and then I put my phone in another room.  This is a habit I decided to master and as far as habits go, it has been one of the best ones I have implemented into my life.  The time per day I have clawed back is amazing.
I still use Social Media (clearly if you are reading this blog via my Social Media accounts), but in order for me to use these apps, I must open my laptop and log in to them, this is called putting a layer of friction in the way to assist you in bedding down the habit you wish to implement.  In other words, I have used my inherent lazy nature to my own advantage.

Why did I do this?  I found I was getting sucked in and worked up by all the bullshit on Social Media.  All the posts about “not all calories are equal” – say what now?
“To build muscle: eat protein and carbs only, to lose weight eat protein and fat only” – Seriously what the fuck!  And my all time favourite “I stopped eating {insert random food} and lost 20lbs in 4 days” – Yep, I lost 22lbs in 24 hours once……Its called giving birth!

It is very liberating to have time back in my day and it be in the process of creating a habit to eliminate the stress that comes with reading stupid Social Media posts during times in my day that I should be focussed on other tasks.

As for the people posting this crap constantly, please stop!  Just quit it or create a habit cue that has you taking a moment of rational thought before you hit the ‘Share’ button.
By posting this shit you are confusing your audience, you are creating a number of barriers for your followers and that essentially is a hinderance for them to achieve their best….. Or is this what some of these “Guru’s” are trying to do to their followers?  Create enough confusion to keep them coming back for answers?

I spend a lot of time with my clients, answering their questions and untangling their confusion surrounding nutrition, training and mindset.  I would have to say a lot of the time their confusion arises from the bullshit they are reading on Social Media.


Each time you see a post and you think, “I should do that” or “Maybe that is the magic solution to my problem”, STOP, BREATHE & THINK (CRITICALLY THINK).  Then ask someone who actually has knowledge, has your best interests at heart and who will be willing to shoot you a straight answer, even if you don’t want to hear what that straight answer is.

So, be aware of the ‘Guru’, it could save you time, money and effort.

As always, thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts?








All those SHITTY Thoughtless Social Media Posts….. Part One

I guess we are all guilty of it……..We hit the “Share” button all too easy.

But the Health and Fitness hoards on Social Media have to be up there as the worst for posting Shitty Thoughtless Crap on their social media.

I am sure their intentions are good at the time, but as you scroll through countless well lit selfies, motivational quotes, misleading nutrition/training advice and transformation photos, do you ever stop and think, about the impact they are having on you?


Your thoughts are most likely along the lines of “that’s the body I want”, “that’s what I need to do”, “I’ll never make the grade to be like her/him”, which leads to “Oh I fucked up again and ate that, spent this, missed a workout and I’ll never be as good as them”.  Which leads to, “fuck it all, I’m back to square one, I might as well quit”.

Next thing you know, you are scrolling through your Social Media and come Monday, you’re back on the “hunting down those goals Train, next stop Fuck it all, calling at Self Sabotage, destination Vicious Cycle”.

What most people are posting on Social Media is their “end result”, very rarely they are showing/sharing the process, the habits that got them to the end result.  Someone else’s Goal (end result) does nothing positive for your state of mind or motivation. In fact it has a negative result which keeps you on the Train calling at Self Sabotage and terminating at Vicious Cycle.

The magic is actually in the Process and the Habits, it is the small adjustments that yield the biggest results in the long term.  If a Pilot sets off on a flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles, USA with the nose of a plane set one or two degrees in the wrong direction, without correcting that degree of error, by the time that plane has travelled 13+ hours, it could arrive in San Francisco, USA.  The flight time is the same, the distance is similar but the destination (Goal or End Result) is very different.  That small degree of error results in the flight landing 350 miles away from the desired location.
Now, the pilot doesn’t then come over the loud speaker and say “sorry folks, I fucked up my calculations, we are re-fuelling and returning 10, 500 miles back to New Zealand so I can start again and hopefully this next time I will get the goal of LA”.
What actually happens is, the pilot makes checks along the flight path, makes small adjustments throughout the journey to ensure the flight lands in the right location.

Just like anything in life, those small adjustments, positive habits and minor tweaks along the way, will help you land yourself the desired end result.  By embedding yourself into the process, focusing on the adjustments and checks and learning to enjoy the journey, you give yourself a greater chance of achieving the desired results and keeping that result for the long term.


Of course Nutrition is my area of expertise, so let’s apply this to nutrition.

Your Goal is to reduce your daily refined sugar intake and to lose some excess body weight.

You currently eat four Oreo cookies a day.  You decide to make a point to reduce this to two Oreo’s per day and you change nothing else in your diet.
Over the course of a year (12 months), you will have:

  • Cut 38,690 calories from your diet which equates roughly to losing 11lbs / 5kg of body weight;
  • Cut 3,431g of refined sugar from your diet which is equal to almost 7 bags of white sugar.

You are still consuming and enjoying two cookies a day but that small and quite possibly unnoticeable change of habit will yield you a bigger result than the Train to Vicious Cycle ever could.
If going balls to the wall being “good” to look like a Social Media post and then falling off the Good Wagon only to find yourself back at square one is something you find yourself doing regularly, then you need to start discarding these Balls to the Wall attempts and start making small positive habits that you can stick to and make part of your lifestyle in order to land at the desired destination.

As the saying goes, “if you get a flat tyre on your car, your don’t slash the other three tyres”…..

Thanks for reading my words for Wednesday!

Kel xo






The Ethos, My Ethos.

The ethos of this page/blogKK Fit Machines Logo:
You may have heard that diet is 80% and training 20% of the equation when it comes to obtaining the physique you desire. In part this is true, but I like to think that it is more like the following:
70% Nutrition
15% Training
10% Mind-set
5% Genetics


Clearly your diet still plays the biggest role in achieving your desired physique, so of course that’s the part to tackle foremost but the rest of this equation is just as important.
Training of course helps you to shape your body and improve your health and mental wellbeing.
However, I personally feel that mind-set and genetics also can’t be overlooked when giving advice to a client who is looking to change/improve their physical self.
You see, mind-set is not all about “white knuckling” and “harnessing your willpower”, sure there are times where those things are needed, but as the saying goes “the body will not go, where the mind isn’t prepared to take it”.
You are probably thinking; how does genetics play a role? Well there are certain factors that you need to consider when setting a nutrition and training plan of attack and your genetics do play a role in how your body reacts to certain things. Take caffeine for example, my husband is a slow metaboliser of caffeine. Caffeine can be very beneficial for training and focus, but so is sleep! Therefore, if my husband trained in the evening, advising him to use caffeine for a boost prior to training would affect his sleep and in turn affect his ability to properly rest and recover.

This is why (and a number of my clients can attest to this) I like to focus on the whole equation. I like to know the how and why that has got them to their current physical state.
I like to find out how their body reacts to food and nutrition patterns, how they like to train and where their head’s at. The last part especially.

My ethos is to give each client a truly individualised plan of attack for achieving their own prominence!