In our world where “Being Enough” is never enough:
Never thin enough, never beautiful enough, never rich enough, never happy enough, never intelligent enough, never fit enough…..
Is there ever any point where you say and feel, I AM ENOUGH?

Is what you see portrayed on social media actually someones real life?

I would say NO. Unless you are very careful about who you follow (stalk) on social media, then 90% of what you are viewing is actually fake (90% is a number I’ve plucked out of my ass). No one is happy and perfect all the time and it is OK to not be either. What is OK, is to be ENOUGH.

As you might have read in last weeks post/blog, I have taken a step away from social media, I have taken inventory of my who I follow, what I post and my interaction with other peoples post. I also, took a long hard look at myself and who I portray myself as.

During this time I realised a number of things:

  1. Life is not sunshine, rainbows 🌈 and unicorns all the time. In fact life sometimes can be a kick in the balls, dirt kicked in your face with a nipple cripple kind of mixed bags of shit. BUT I am tough enough to handle it!
  2. I don’t NEED to post a status on social media for my loved ones to know I am here. They know where I am and that I love them without the Facebook post to prove it.
  3. Our bodies are ALWAYS listening and ALWAYS talking to us, but we need to LISTEN and COMMUNICATE back…… I can hear you, “oh fuck here she goes again, with her hippie bullshit”….Come on, hear me out….. I’m a rich one for “pushing through”, I quite literally “crack on” at the expensive of my health. So I started to heed the warnings of my body, I pulled back and tracked my moods, energy, motivation and determination. What I found was a good pattern of when I am good to hit aspects of my life hard and when retreating into my introverted shell was best and ok. Thanks to this, I’ve managed to stop “crashing and burning”….well mostly.
  4. I am more than a Nutritionist to most….. I have come to realised that I am more of a Search and Rescue crossed with a Guide Dog for the perpetually lost and blind citizens of the food/nutrition/diet world and I AM OK with this. I like to think that being a bit of a straight shooter is a big positive for me.
  5. Avoid the news…. Nothing will affect my mood more quickly than the news report. If you want to stick your head in the proverbial ground like a mutha fuckn ostrich then do it. They say ignorance is bliss and yes it is!
  6. Embrace Routine…. whatever your routine is, if it is working for you and not harming others then go about it, but stick to it. Routine is a series of habits and if those habit are serving your purpose for the better then it is all good in the hood!
  7. Consider your childhood….. going deep here…. Explore childhood memories and ensure you are remembering them correctly. Consider if your childhood has affected your adulthood, if it is negatively affecting your current life then consider seeking help to change that, because nothing will fuck up your next generation more than repeating the wrong doings of your childhood…… just saying.
  8. I like even numbers….. let’s leave it at that.

I realise these are ramblings, but if anything I am writing makes you want to strike up a conversation with me over them, then please comment or contact me.

Kel xo

LIFE! Welcome to it.

I’ve had a little hiatus from my blog…. I’d like to say I have had a little hiatus from my life, but no.

As I type this, I am currently a good 5kg overweight, at least 10% too much body-fat, my right hip flexor is paining, my left elbow has tennis elbow and I have the biggest pimple in the history of zits on my chin. I am fuck’n fabulous! Hear me roar!

Over the last three weeks, I managed to kill my MacBook Air (like killed it, insurance claim coming up), house expenses were coming out our ears, marriage and parenting has been a game of tagging in and tagging out, as my husband and I have been travelling for work (this is not usual though), all while juggling half term holidays.

So what tale of positivity, light and wonder am I about to tell you?
I am not actually going to mask this with a positive quote.

What I am going to say is this….. When life deals you a blow or two or five, you got to suck it up buttercup and deal with it in your own way. Whether that means you retreat into your shell, you get a little more sweary (no? just me then) or you consume your body weight in pizza. You have to deal with it, in your own way.

One thing that I am solid at is, training. I will keep movement going no matter what is going on in my life. Training really is my lifeline, Kel’s pissed off – lifts heavy shit, Kel’s having an internal panic attack – goes for a run, Kel’s exhausted from waking at 3:00am with the burglar alarm beeping randomly – walks 6 miles to collect something in London instead of taking an Uber.
As I emerge out the other side of this cluster fuck of a shit storm called my life, I realise a number of things that I wasn’t clear on prior to this.
I have a really good kit, full of tools that I can use to get me back into my groove.

My weight will drop back to normal and my body fat will return to its healthy level without too much of an issue. My zit will go away…..eventually, that fucker better. My laptop will be replaced and I will survive solo parenting.

But for now, I am back to blogging/posting/annoying you all.

Kel xo

Well that was fun! Hmmm No, not really….. My thoughts on the festive season.

Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas Eve, getting prepped and ready for that magical visit from Santa and I thoroughly enjoy the morning of Christmas Day, seeing Amelia’s face and excitement over Christmas!

But I don’t enjoy the pressure I see so many people under. The financial strain, the family expectations, the food, the drinking and the internal need to make that one day so incredible that they quite literally become ill after the event!

Firstly, I use to be in that position when I lived back in New Zealand, the motherland. We would find ourselves separated on Christmas Eve and Day simply to keep family happy, we were miserable and wishing it would all be over, we don’t recall the food, we don’t recall the presents, all we remember is the pressure and exhaustion. Then almost 10 years ago we moved to the UK. The first Christmas rolled around, and we chilled at home, we didn’t go anywhere, we didn’t overeat, we didn’t over extend on gifts and best of all, we didn’t get wound up about any of those things! We recognised this fact and my goodness did we notice the difference and from then on decided to make certain that we would continue this tradition, of chilling the fuck out.

I guess you could say we were liberated and slowly over the years we have started to drop other pressures from this time of year too.

We don’t cook a turkey or spend copious number of hours slaving in the kitchen on Christmas Day. We simply choose a meal (anything we fancy) and enjoy it, without guilt, without restraint.

We use don’t use all the dishes and cookware in the house – one load in the dishwasher like a normal day and that is it. None of this spending hours cleaning up!

We don’t panic buy or try to go to the supermarket during the “witching time”, none of that it needed really. The supermarkets are open longer prior, and the shops are only closed for a day! You will survive without sprouts and the day will not be ruined if you forget something…. Unless you are trying to compete with someone, compare yourself to them or you are still in that place of winding yourself up to a point of bat shit crazy? If that is the case, then enjoy the post-Christmas sickness, because you deserve it!

I guess you could say, we had an “Uh-ha” moment that first Christmas in the UK and recognised we didn’t need the undue stress, so we cut it out of our lives. Which leads me on to the real topic of discussion for this blog post.


It makes you sick. It makes you anxious. It makes you a miserable fucker.

So why do you draw yourself into stress day in and day out, through engaging in activities that cause it, engaging with people who invite it into your life, through setting yourself unrealistic expectations?

Maybe it is time to take a look at what things cause you stress and then take an axe to it and cut it out of your life, or at the very least reduce its dosage.

Maybe 2019 so be less about being perfect and more about being aware. Something to think about, huh?

Kel xo