Something to Consider….

If you know anything about what I do, you’ll know that I am a Nutritionist, so you might think that my focus should be all about food, diets and recipes.

But if you’ve been reading my blogs you will have noticed that I post and write predominantly about mindset, stress and habits.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Will Durant

I recently decided to take a moment to myself and write down all the things I do on a daily basis that contribute to my health, wellbeing and fitness. There were about 8 things I consistently do on a daily basis that are ingrained habits which assist me in achieving overall health and wellbeing e.g I move my body each and everyday; I drink plenty of water and stay hydrated all day long; I sleep a quality 7-8 hours nightly etc etc.

I then wrote down the further things that I need to incorporate each day in order to achieve a higher sense of health and wellbeing. Much to my surprise there was only three items on that list. Three simple acts to focus on.

So what is my point?

How many of you get lost in all the confusion about health, fitness and wellbeing on social media? How many times have you decided on a simple plan of action, then you read or see a post about “this one diet hack changed my body”, “this training move made all the difference”, you then click on the click-bait and next minute you are on a diversion from that simple plan of action you were following 5 minutes ago? You repeat this action enough and you are now miles away from achieving your results of better health, you are frustrated, confused and looking to blame everything and anything.


Quiet the noise! Limit your social media! Choose who you follow wisely! Guard your mindset vehemently!
Because at the end of the day, your mindset, stress and habits are the biggest influencer of your health, wellbeing and fitness.

I suggest you make yourself a list too. On the first page write the heading “What I already do GREAT!”, then list all the things you do daily that contribute to a healthy mind, body and lifestyle.
On a second page write the heading, “What I want to add to make things AWESOME!”, then list the main things that you want to add to achieve that higher state of wellbeing.
Then on the third page, write the How.
⚛︎ Keep it simple.
⚛︎ Make it straightforward.
⚛︎ Ensure it is obtainable and actionable.


Don’t be fooled by “quick fixes”, stay the course. Keep in your own lane!

Kel xo

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