“Why does Drama always seem to find me?”

Who is a DRAMA magnetic?

DRAMA = STRESS and stepping away from it is all about AWARENESS.
There is a very simple diagram about Drama and it is called the “Drama Triangle” (See photo below).
There are three points in which you step into this triangle.
1️⃣The Victim
2️⃣The Rescuer
3️⃣The Persecutor
During a drama episode you move through all three points.

My friend saying to me:
Friend: I need to lose weight, I am so fat and depressed about it, but the universe keeps conspiring against me whenever I attempt to get healthy (VICTIM)
Me: Ok, well I run at lunchtimes so come running with me? (RESCUER)
Friend: I would but I only get an hour for lunch and I would be too sweaty afterwards, plus I am too heavy to run. (VICTIM)
Me: Ok, let’s do yoga after work? (RESCUER)
Friend: I can’t, I am not flexible enough and yoga doesn’t work for weight loss. (VICTIM)
At this point I am getting fed up.
Me: Well suit yourself, I’m only trying to help you but you are just being difficult (PERSECUTOR) 
Friend: Why are you being mean, I’m just telling you that I can’t do these things, I’m not as fit as you! (PERSECUTOR)
Me: I’m not being mean, I am trying to help you! (VICTIM)

As you can see during this conversation, I stepped into my friends Drama Triangle as the Rescuer, I quickly shifted into the Persecutor role and then just as fast hit the Victim point. This cycle can go on and on, leaving you feeling stressed and feeling like “Drama always finds you”.

But Drama doesn’t find you, does it? You step into it.

Once you become aware of this you can start to put in place actions and decisions to not get on the triangle in the first place and once in the triangle your awareness can be the tool to simply Step Out of the triangle.


  • Have a think about the relationships in your life where Drama Triangles crop up all too often?
  • Have a think about what position you enter the triangle?
  • Consider how you can step away from this cycle?

Less drama = Less stress
Less Stress = Better quality of life

Better quality of life = A stronger mindset for health & fitness

Kel xo

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